Covid-19 Response Information

The Crawford County Economic Development Corporation and the Indiana Small Business Development Center are working to support you and your organization during these uncertain times dealing with Covid-19.

Get through Covid-19

The Crawford County Economic Development Corporation is here for you! If your business is being affected by Covid-19, we have additional resources and information to help. Give us a call at 812-739-4479.

Indiana Emergency Response

gener8tor is hosting emergency one-week virtual programs for small businesses affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.  These programs will feature daily webinars designed to identify, understand and help small businesses secure resources to withstand the current crisis.  Businesses wishing to enroll in the program should sign up using the form below.

Rapid Relief Fund

An emergency loan fund for Crawford County businesses to help you survive the economic impact of the COVID-19 Global Health Crisis.

The COVID-19 Rapid Loan Fund is a funding partnership with Crawford County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) and Radius Indiana. The CCEDC funds are leveraged with the Radius Indiana funds.

Covid 19 Resources and Information Available to Crawford County Businesses. CLICK HERE!

Workforce Development

Crawford County: 5,137
Within 30 Miles: 130,604 (Includes 8 counties)
Within 40 Miles: 593,981 (Includes 6 more counties)


Launching a new business is exciting and rewarding, but no simple task. We’ve got the resources and connections to help your business start ahead.


Contact us to learn about the incentives your investment may qualify for to build your business here including special loan programs and tax credits.

Do Business Here

Crawford County is a great, centrally-located place to invest. Access to infrastructure, close proximity to major cities, local workforce, and natural resources are just a few reasons why Crawford County would be a great place to start your next business.

Crawford County, Indiana has been a leader in outdoor adventure for many years. With our natural rivers, lakes, and forests there is much to do and see. We are ready to grow with shovel-ready lots and resources available.

Contact us today to learn what opportunities are available for your next business venture here.


Crawford County is Connected


In Crawford County, Indiana you get the outdoorsy feel with the modern infrastructure of water & sewer, electric, gas, broadband and cable, wireless internet, and phone carriers.


Road, Rail, River, Air – We’ve got you covered!
Interstate 64 and Northern Southfolk provide direct connections to multiple routes. Two local ports cover river and barge needs, and International flights are available within 35 minutes.

Natural Resources

Dry-underground storage, ample water supply, and dense forests are the crowning jewels of Crawford County, Indiana. Caves, lakes, rivers, forests, and more make up this outdoor recreation haven. 

Live here

Things to do

Crawford County, Indiana is the destination for outdoor recreation! With state parks, lakes, rivers, and caves you and your family will enjoy exploring here.

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Our governement agencies have learned that working together produces greater results than being divided. Read more about our commissioners, council, and judicial complex here.

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Our children are our future. We value education and have a strong regional support system for the education. Over 50% of our high school student graduates head to college for a 2 or 4 year degree.

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With a low cost of living, Crawford County has affordable homes, apartments, and rental properties. Our safe neighborhoods and friendly, rural atmosphere provides a great place to raise a family.

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