Join Regional Opportunity Initiatives (ROI), for a 6-part webinar series exploring workforce housing challenges, needs, and strategies for advancing housing opportunities in the Indiana Uplands. All sessions are FREE to attend!

Why you should attend:

  • Learn the results of the Indiana Uplands Housing Study. The study identifies regional housing challenges and opportunities while providing a road map to meet current and future housing needs.
  • Gain insights from regional employers on how the region’s housing relates to workforce attraction and prosperity in the Indiana Uplands.
  • Hear stories of successful single-family and multi-family projects happening right now in the Indiana Uplands.
  • Explore creative financing options and incentives that are available for new home construction, or to address home repairs, infill development, and distressed/blighted home removal.
  • Discover how cities and counties are addressing land use issues, permitting, and other infrastructure needs.

Click the link below to view the detailed webinar schedule and featured presenters.